3C for wine & premium packaging


  premium: wines, bottles, t-stoppers & tear-off caps.


Being in the hospitality business, you are familiar with problems like : cork taint, poor quality cork and tough capsules (often too much of a struggle to open). 3C does turn these problems into a promotion of your brand!

The step towards guest satisfaction. 
A luxury tear-off capsule gives your guests that courtesy feeling. A gracious way to have access to the stopper in just 2 seconds and gives you sight on the brilliant and branded T-stopper. Just a slight push sidewards and the stopper is off in 2 seconds. It is like Haute cuisine The chef creates the perfect harmony between taste and presentation.
The same with wine, so why should you accept that your fine wine is bottled in anonymous packaging?

3C premium packaging
The first step is to fill in the premium and ideal packaging you have in mind, that suits your company style perfectly.


The second step is the purchase of bulk wine from Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.
Advantage one is that you can save up to 40% on your purchase.
Advantage two is that you can absolutely buy the : quality and quantity you need.
These two steps look complicated but it is the only way great wine and packaging in large quantities and quality you wish
Best of both worlds! Billing per bottle of wine will be done by our partner winery.





                              height      weight  
250 ml                   260 mm   310 gr  
375 ml                   290 mm   370 gr  
500 ml                   350 mm   600 gr  
750 ml                   350 mm   750 gr  


Elegant, surprisingly distinct, the guest will recognize your style by your bottle!


Premium bottles of your choice from leading bottle manufacturers around the world. Some from the shelf and some specially created.
An example on the right, the INFINITY 500 ml which is 50 mm larger than the standard 750 ml Bordeaux bottle.




Would you dare to share your fascination  concerning glass with us? 

Please let us know what you have 
in mind by mail.

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After acquiring your premium bottles we arrive at the next exciting part, the secondary closure. This provides tamper proof evidence over your T-stopper to allow consumers to rest assured your product is exactly how it left the facility and intended when being consumed. High quality, and an abundance of options, capsules also work for your branding needs to help support your logo and custom artwork. Maverick’s Almost Tin Premium™, offers a three layer polyethylene/aluminum blend which helps bridge the gap from a tin to a poly closure all at a fraction of the cost. The capsule is off in 2 seconds


Once the cap is off, your guests will be delighted to find a bartop stopper that will be off in the blink of an eye, just by pushing sidewards and the stopper is off. Now you can taste the wine and savour that special moment.

Our T-stoppers are made from a variety of materials, such as: crystal, glass, acrylic, wood and stone, in combination with a high quality, natural cork stem. Or, if you like, we can deliver T-stoppers made entirely from pure crystal or acrylic. The bartop stoppers are available for all bottle sizes; 250 – 750 ml and you can also have your logo engraved, embossed, printed or hot stamped on the bartop stopper.
Very important: to realize that the stopper is most likely to be taken home as a souvenir, with your name and logo, of course.



Genius designers. Private labels or non private labels. 

Automatic capping device

99% Of the wineries place the T-stopper by hand which is not hygienic and will lead to defaults, especially with fragile wine like rosé and white wine. Therefore 3C does supply its automatic devices with a speed of 2.500 b/h  4.000 b/h  and 6.000 b/h to partner wineries. The capping device fills the ‘headspace’ with nitrogen before capping. 3C can supply devices with a speed of up to 15.000 b/h.