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  premium: wines, bottles, t-stoppers & tear-off caps.


 As someone working in the hospitality business, you are without a doubt aware of the many problems that may occur while opening a bottle of wine. Not only corks that leave a nasty cork taste, or that are just of a really bad quality, but also tough capsules that require superhuman skills to open, even if you have a corkscrew at your disposal. 3C made it its mission to bend these problems, and transform them into an advantage: into a special courtesy towards your guests, and a great promotion for your brand!


 What we do, is assist you in creating guest satisfaction through your wine products offered. The first step consists of selecting your unique packaging:

 ·         Premium wine bottles, ready to differentiate your product at the first glance through the shape of the wine bottle, as this is the first impression your guest will get of the product.

 ·         Luxurious tear-off capsules, that display your name and logo. For a sophisticated, elegant look, that gives your guests that extra courtesy feeling. In less than 3 seconds, your guests will have access to the stopper.

 ·         And finally, the bartop t-stopper: the ultimate seal. Just a slight push sideways, and it will come off in the blink of an eye. It might just be taken home by your guests because of its appeal as a gadget and souvenir.

 Your order will be delivered to the partner winery – so that your fine wine can be given the packaging it deserves, as well as a unique signature: not only in taste, but also in look. 


 Then, the second step. This is the process of purchasing bulk wine from wineries in the best wine countries, such as Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. In doing this, you may save up to 40% on your purchase.

 At the same time, you will have near unlimited choices with regard to the quality, style, quantity, and basically anything else you can think of. 3C will help you in finding the right winery, that is a perfect match with your wishes. Alternatively, we can supply you with a list of great wines for each winery in each of those 4 countries. Besides this, we can supply you with a list a regional wine organization per country. The billing of the wine bottles (wine + high end packaging) will be done by the winery. In doing so, you’ll get the best of both worlds! 




                              height      weight  
250 ml                   260 mm   310 gr  
375 ml                   290 mm   370 gr  
500 ml                   350 mm   600 gr  
750 ml                   350 mm   750 gr  

Elegant and surprisingly distinct. The guest will instantly recognise your style, just by looking at the bottle of house wine that you place on their table. We offer premium bottles of your choice, created by leading bottle manufacturers around the world. Some of these are off the shelf, and some are especially created for you.





As an example, you’ll find the INFINITY 500 ml on the right 350 mm, which is 50 mm larger than the standard 750 ml Bordeaux bottle.




regard to the shape, size and materials with us? Please let us know what you have in mind by sending us an e-mail. Alternatively, you may click here to request some samples.  

Click here for sampels.


Meant for bottles from 200 ml to 750 ml. After having decided on which premium bottle you’d like to have, we enter the next phase: the secondary closure. This has a very distinct purpose: to provide tamperproof evidence, which assures your guests that your wine is still in the exact same shape as it left the factory in. Our capsules are of the highest quality, and with an abundance of options with regard to branding possibilities. By displaying your logo of custom artwork on the capsule, your guests will – literally and figuratively – come face to face with your brand. Maverick’s Almost Tin Premium™ offers a three-layered polyethylene/aluminium blend, which helps to bridge the gap from a closure made by tin to one made by poly, at a fraction of the cost. The capsule can be removed in less than 2 seconds, and opened on the exact height. 

T-STOPPERS 200 ml - 750 ml

Once the capsule has been removed, your guests will be delighted to find a bartop stopper, which can just as easily be removed, by slightly pushing it sideways. Now that the bottle has been opened, the time has come to taste the wine and savour the special moment.

3C’s exclusive T-shoppers are made from a variety of materials, such as crystal, glass, acrylic, wood and stone, combined with a natural cork stem of supreme quality. Or, if you’d prefer, we can supply you with T-stoppers made from pure crystal or pure acrylic. These stoppers are available for all bottle sizes ranging between 200 ml and 750 ml. Furthermore, you can have your logo or message engraved, embossed, printed or hot stamped on the stopper, to give it that extra, special touch. What’s very important to realise is that the stopper will most likely be taken home as a souvenir, or a gadget – so that the guest will keep on using it at home, coming face to face with your name and logo each and every single day! 


Courtesy & illimited

           Automatic capping device


Virtually all of the wineries place the T-stopper on the bottle by hand, which may lead to defects – especially with fragile wines, like rose and white wine. 3C has eliminated this risk, by supplying its automated devices with a speed of 2.000 b/h to 15.000 b/h to our partner wineries. This device fills the ‘headspace’ with nitrogen before placing the cap, which is extremely important to properly conserve and package the fragile wines.